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Listopro is growing and we are looking for a Recruitment Analyst ¡This position is based 100% remotely!
We are looking for a unique individual to build trusted relationships with our candidates.

As a Recruitment Analyst you'll be the first filter of interviews and will validate our candidates in order to help them achieve their dream job.
This person will work closely with our Account Manager, Support and Marketing Team to manage successful customer engagements.

The person in this role mostly has a true interest helping our candidates to achieve the best job opportunities. This position is an integral part of a long term relationship with our candidates and the efforts put forth will directly impact the value realized by the customer and the ultimate success of the relationship.

What will you be doing:

  • Your goal is to make sure that our candidates on Listopro are validated, that we understand their previous experience and get the most important details from them (salary expectations, industry/role).
  • Overall you think about making their experience from registration to company interview and getting hired impeccable.


  • Help validating the candidates through a brief interview, making sure they have the experience needed and salary expectations according to each Job Offer.
  • Help the best talent and look for the best opportunities regarding their expectations / dream job.
  • Be able to know in detail what each company does, and how our process works.
  • Work hand by hand with our team making sure our candidates are being invited and interviewed by our customers.
  • Own and lead multiple, simultaneous projects to ensure maximum value to customers and candidates.

  • Bachelor's Degree.
  • With relevant experience in Recruiting, preferably in a startup environment and IT positions.
  • English is necessary!
  • Clear communication and Empathetic: you know how to talk to people ;)  You are charming!
  • High Energy: you need to be available for our candidates and make sure the service is working well :)
  • Hard-working: be ready to work long hours if needed and get sh*t done :)
  • Self-learner: be able to build things by yourself, and if you have no guidance, find yourself a solution (Google is a free resource to everyone ;)
  • Who is fast and loves being efficient: you are focused and prefer doing one thing at a time, but you are able to be always connected and fast in replying.
  • Who loves being efficient: you love tracking KPIs, make sure you and your team work smartly and efficiently.
  • Who loves technology: you know that if we use technology well, we can make our hours of work more meaningful (i.e. we love tools that make us more efficient).

¿Como funciona Listopro?

Automáticamente eres considerado por cientos de empresas, que se pondrán en contacto contigo.
Crea tu perfil
Elige entre carreras de Tecnología, Producto, Ventas de software, Marketing u otras posiciones digitales.
Válida tu carrera profesional
Directamente de las empresas, tú no tienes que postularte. El trabajo de tus sueños ahora te buscará a ti.
Recibe Invitaciones
Acepta las invitaciones a entrevista de las empresas que más te interesan.
Consigue el trabajo de tus sueños

Te ofrecemos mucho más que cualquier otra plataforma

Es totalmente gratis
Sin anuncios, sin cuotas ocultas,
nuestra plataforma es gratuita
para candidatos
Las Vacantes te encuentran
Solo espera a que te llegue una
Soporte a tu alcance
Nuestros Consultores de talento
apoyaran en todo momento
Controlas tu Privacidad
Puedes decidir qué empresas no
pueden verte.
Capacitaciones para Entrevistas
Diseñamos pequeñas
capacitaciones para que
deslumbres a las empresas
Academia Listopro
Webinars, cursos y herramientas
para apoyarte en la búsqueda de
empleo y formarte en la era digital
Para aprovechar esta oportunidad, completa nuestra validación como Analista de Recursos Humanos